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How to Enjoy Cannabis Productively

According to some readers, this title may already sound like a paradox.

We all may enjoy cannabis for different reasons. Whatever it may be, knowing where to place cannabis within your wellness routine can bring about considerable benefits.

Exploring how it best fits can require a little soul-searching.

1. Understand your relationship with cannabis

From the casual puffer to the heavy daily user, marijuana can stimulate creativity, euphoria, and can melt away depression and/or anxiety.

This doesn’t assume a one-size-fits-all approach. Others may feel that THC can make them a little paranoid.

Given the wide variety of marijuana genetics and growing conditions available today, an even larger variety of effects are made possible by the puff of a new flower. It’s good practice to lightly experiment with a variety of strains, and observe your feelings towards different indicas, sativas, and hybrids.

This helps ensure a more educated decision with each pickup, as you’ll quickly learn how to best tailor choices to your preferences.

2. How it fits in your schedule

Certain strains are excellent for a jolt of creativity, or for a burst of energy to power through a daunting to-do list.

Other strains are better for numbing you with a strong sleepy body high, ideal for a bedtime routine.

Light touches of THC throughout the day can positively impact your morale, helping you work more productively and enthusiastically. On the other hand, knowing your boiling point— or the stage when the effects jeopardize your ability to get things done— is important to keep in mind when deciding between different strains and their potencies.

In moderation, alternating between a sativa (for a heavy workload day) and an indica (for days to unwind and relax) is a good example of optimizing the flowers to bring about desired effects.

3. Find a trusted source

The cannabis industry is still plagued with many questionable actors. This means the quality of bud you desire isn’t always attainable, as you could easily be lied to about what you’re actually smoking or consuming.

For example, widespread re-bagging and re-packaging means it’s hard to confirm a strain name wasn’t simply a fabrication.

Along your cannabis journey, an honest partner like Toke Tea ensures that you get what you want EVERY TIME. Along with consistent quality, you also need honest service and convenience!

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