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How to Safely Enjoy Weed in DC in 2021

Washington, DC is a great city to enjoy cannabis in, as long as you are doing so safely and legally.

This means following Initiative 71, the DC law permitting the consumption of cannabis by those above 21. Although I-71 does not allow currently allow recreational marijuana purchases, a sprawling group of passionate I-71 compliant vendors have developed a donation-based community for cannabis enthusiasts, in which your goods can be safely acquired for personal consumption!

This means it's an exciting time for a tea company like us to provide DC with a safe and professional way to enjoy awesome herbal gifts— paired with delicious locally-sourced tea!

1. Go to

Right below our list of current teas, you’ll find our gift menu!

These gifts arrive right next to your bag of top quality loose-leaf tea.

2. Select your gift(s) from the menu

To complete your delicious tea purchase, add any herbal gifts you'd like to the cart!

Pick your Gift Size and Tea Pairing. Feel free to experiment with pairing different tea flavors with our selection of gifts!

(All figures shown are strictly suggested donation amounts, as per Initiative 71.)

3. Choose delivery, or schedule a curbside pickup

We offer free delivery in DC, averaging between 30-70 mins.

You can also schedule a curbside pickup! If you choose to do so, we’ll text you to confirm a time and location together.

(This is perfect for any tea lovers visiting from Virginia and Maryland!)

4. Submit & receive text confirmation

After submitting your order, receive an ETA via text message to your phone!

First-time users will be subject to ID verification to ensure they’re above 21. This is completed by sending us a one-time ID picture with a selfie.

WE DO NOT ASK FOR ANY CREDIT CARD OR PAYMENT INFO. Any donations are appreciated in cash only.

It’s that easy!

If you’d like to speak to a person, or get any recommendations, feel free to text or call us at (202) 451-8821!

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